Wells Fargo Loss Mitigation Contact Information

December 21, 2008

Wells Fargo
(877) 216-8448 or (866) 261-5642 or (800)766-0987 or (800) 678-7986 for payment assistance
Borrower Counseling Services
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., CT
Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., CT

Doing short sales with Wells Fargo doesn’t have to be stressful. Of all the banks Wells Fargo is one of the easiest to deal with. Please join the discussion and share your short sale story below. Keep in mind that I am a Tampa Bay Florida Realtor and not a Wells Fargo employee. Don’t post your personal information such as account numbers, names, phone numbers, addresses, etc…

I’ll try to respond as often as possible to questions about the Wells Fargo short sale or Loss Mitigation process. But I cannot answer legal questions or tax questions, especially for all of you people posting that aren’t in Florida. I’m a Florida Realtor and my real estate knowledge is restricted to Florida real estate transactions.

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42 Responses to “Wells Fargo Loss Mitigation Contact Information”

  1. Michael Scheerer on June 3rd, 2009 10:13 am

    I Faxed in a request for Wells Fargo to see if we qualified for a loan modification (under the new Fed guidelines???) as “YOU” at Wells Fargo requested. That was last week. Today we called and the “RUN AROUND” started. What is up? If you don’t want to help us in our hour of need…..Just say so. Quit the crap. My name is Mike Scheerer and we are in Chapter 13 and we did send the letter from our attorney permitting you to speak with us. If we need to walk away from this house because we can’t afford it and you can not help us…..Just let us know. Again, quit the crap.

    Thank you. Mike & Carole Scheerer

  2. Chris O'Connor on June 3rd, 2009 10:31 am

    Hi Michael,

    I assume you realize that I am not affiliated with Wells Fargo and am only providing the Loss Mitigation contact information as a service to homeowners in need. But I feel for your situation and know how stressful things can get when you start to fall behind on your mortgage payments.

    Here is my advice…

    Don’t expect answers so quickly. One week is not a long time to wait. Not in this market. Wells Fargo, along with every other financial institution, is backed up with thousands of such requests. If it takes a month I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Also, don’t assume that the person you’re talking to has a clue. When you seem to get the “run around” wait 10 minutes and call back. You will usually get a completely different person on the phone. The next person might be more helpful and knowledgeable.

    If you faxed them a week ago fax them the same information today. It is quite common for these people to misplace or deny receiving faxes. Don’t allow someone elses incompetency to cause you problems. Just send it again and again and don’t ever give up.

    As a Realtor I deal with this crap all the time. I’ve actually had to attempt to fax certain documents over 120 times due to the Loss Mitigation fax machine always behind busy or disconnected. This country is in a nightmare financial situation and what you’re going through is incredibly common. I know it feels like the world is caving in around you….I hear this all the time. I real feel for people right now, but please know you aren’t alone.

    Also, you should realize that a Loan Modification probably won’t solve the problem. What will they be modifying? Usually, the interest rate is all they adjust. Hopefully lowering your interest rate helps as this will probably lower your monthly payment a bit.

    But the real problem homeowner’s are facing in the United States is that their homes are now worth significantly less than they were a few years ago. You may have lost 50% of the equity in your home…meaning you owe far more than your home is even worth. You’re making payments on a $230,000 home, as an example, while your fair market value is down to $150,000. Ouch. We’re all in the same boat. Lowering your interest rate from 7.9% to 5.5% will lower your monthly payment as you’ll be paying less interest, but you will still be deep in the hole for years.

    Many people decide to sell when they realize a Loan Mod won’t bail them out. A short sale is when you sell your home for less than you owe your lender(s). The difference is either forgiven, reduced or still owed. I could write 1,000 pages on short sales, but I’ll refrain. If you find yourself in need of selling email or call me and I’ll help you however I can.

    If you want to keep trying to modify your loan, and I suggest you do, don’t give up too easily. Keep calling, emailing, and faxing. Again, these banks are overwhelmed and in trouble. You have to be patient. Good luck, Michael.

  3. Michael Scheerer on June 3rd, 2009 10:47 am

    Thanks for the assist Chris. Good Luck to you also.

  4. AARON L. ALEXANDER on June 10th, 2009 11:28 am


  5. dan on June 11th, 2009 11:45 am

    Chris, Thank you for providing this information….Michael, I wish you the best, I know this has to be so stressful, I have been a lender for 25+ yeras and have never seen anything like this. At this time I am working on helping my inlaws with a modification request with Wells Fargo. In talking with Wells they said it may take 45 days just to get the case assigned and 45 more days before ipossible completion. We put together a package that included ,pay stubs, tax rerurns, hardship letter, but we also included actual data on area employment, home prices and a list of foreclousres.
    We did get it submitted and through the W/F on line site I see it has gone throught 2 of 4 steps.
    1 Reviewing your account- COMPLETED
    2 Determine available options-COMPLETED
    3 Processing your agreement- IN PROCESS
    4 Completed loan modification-NOT STARTED

    I will keep you guys posted. Good luck to all of us.

  6. Rozi on July 30th, 2009 4:26 pm

    Chris that was nice of you providing informtion to Mike.

    We need more honest people like you.

    I was approved for a Loan Modification and yes I must say it took alot of work calling, faxing, making sure I got each persons name, the date, time and how long we stayed on the phone each time I called in. I called in weekly and faxed informaiton in until they had to tell me to stop sending the same info in. That allowed me to know that they had it and they new who I was.
    I even googled the people that handle the REVIWING side of it. I was emailing and calling them believe me they got to know me becasue I was determine to keep our home. Chris you are so right I am paying about $300.00 more than what my orginal paymts were under this Modification. Crazy! So we will see how all this pans out. Any advise would be highly appreciated.

    Rozi! 🙂

  7. Tapeoka on August 3rd, 2009 5:51 pm

    Dan –

    You said you went through W/F online site to check the status of your loan modification for your inlaws. Can you post the site so I can check mine? I submitted paperwork on July 27, 2009.

  8. Chris O'Connor on August 6th, 2009 4:36 pm

    I’m just getting started with a Short Sale with Wells Fargo. I’ll track the entire experience here…

    I just took over a listing for an agent in my office that has given up on real estate. He threw in the towel and is allowing his license to expire. He gave me 3 listings 3 weeks ago. 2 of the 3 are currently under contract now. I’ll be tracking the Wells Fargo transaction here.

    7/15/2009 through 8/1/2009
    – Contacted Wells Fargo to get list of what they need for Short Sales.
    – Got the fax number for where to send Authorization Letter.
    – Got contact info for Short Sale department – fax and phone.
    – Contacted seller, introduced myself, and got her to extend listing, raise commission, lower price and sign all required paperwork including Authorization Letter.
    – Faxed Authorization Letter to Wells Fargo.
    – Ordered title search.
    – Transferred listing from other agent to my name, dropped price, edited listing and advertised via, and the main Charles Rutenberg web site.

    – Went under contract. Another agent in my office brought the cash buyer. This subdivision requires only cash buyers due to too many rentals and delinquent association dues.

    – Contract and full Short Sale package faxed to Wells Fargo at 866-359-1975

    – Called Wells Fargo to verify receipt of Authorization Letter. They got it.
    – Received a fax from Wells Fargo with 2 addendums they want signed that I will not sign. They are the “Contract Addendum” and “Listing Addendum.” Basically, these two addendums take precedence over my signed listing agreement and sales agreement and give Wells Fargo the legal right to get the seller to sign a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure and not pay me or the other agent a penny.

    – BPO agent called me for access to property. This is good news. It means Wells Fargo is really moving fast. My package was perfect with nothing missing. I know this helped. I had also included a letter explaining why Wells Fargo should accept this offer and get this asset off their books. Did this help? I don’t know. But to fax a contract and have a BPO ordered within 3 days is very fast.

    – After getting off phone with BPO agent I called Wells Fargo to confirm that they have my Short Sale package and to see if this file has been assigned to a negotiator. It was assigned to a D. Johnson. So they have the Authorization Letter and the Short Sale package with the executed contract. This is all good…and fast.

    I explained to the gentleman at Wells Fargo that I refuse to sign the 2 addendums as they are a green light for Wells Fargo to wash all my hard work down the drain. He composed an email to D. Johnson explaining my reasoning. Hopefully the negotiator contacts me within 3 days about this issue. I assume he will wait to see the results of the BPO. Hopefully the BPO agent knows what they are doing because many don’t. This is a simple valuation process as many comps are available. Our contract is $4,000 over the last 2 comparable sales. High enough to make pushing for a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure irrational for Wells Fargo. We should be solid here, but some banks make strange decisions so I am not getting excited.

  9. Chris O'Connor on August 19th, 2009 9:31 am

    Wells Fargo is FAST. I’m not sure if this is luck or if my complete package that pushed this through, but Wells Fargo is moving very fast. I already have a counter-offer from them that I’m presenting to the buyer today (via the Buyer’s Agent).

    And please consider that I submitted this Short Sale package and contract on the same day that I submitted a similar Short Sale package and contract to Bank of America Loss Mitigation. BoA has not even acknowledged receiving my package yet.

  10. Chris O'Connor on August 19th, 2009 9:32 am

    By the way there is no Duane Johnston at Wells Fargo. The person who gave me that name had a bit of an accent and I wrote down what I heard. I’m not going to use the correct negotiators name here until after we close….if we close.

  11. Chris Taylor on September 15th, 2009 12:06 pm

    I’m a buyer and the short sale experience with Wells Fargo has been a complete NIGHTMARE!

    We found our dream home and put in a reasonable offer. The offer was accepted and 2 days before closing the title company pulled a mysterious 3rd lien on the house from BofA of which the owners didn’t disclose.

    In the mean time the primary and 2nd lien holder WF already had foreclosure proceedings underway. Immediately everyone was on board to stop the foreclosure which was successful. We were asked to update the contract and send in all the appropriate documentation for the short sale process. We had a negotiator assigned and things appeared to be moving along quickly.

    In the mean time, what we didn’t know, our negotiator was assigned to a new department and didn’t tell anyone AND through my own channels found out the package was missing documentation that we CONTINUE TO SEND OVER. So basically we’ve been waiting 2 months while nothing was going on. Now EVERTHING on my lenders side will expire in 2 weeks. Of course I’m not allowed to get any information and the sellers agent short of calling everyday is reaching dead ends. It’s absolutely ridiculous how this process works. I really feel for those losing their house because WF’s inability to look beyond their own greed. Here i am… likely could have got the house much cheaper had I let it go to foreclosure and now am uncertain if I’ll ever get it. I can’t get answers from anyone or even a human on the other side. Like everything else, we are simply a file number in the midst of millions!

  12. Fred Cooney on October 13th, 2009 2:46 pm

    I have cancer and my wife has had nothing, but trouble , chest pains and trying to deal with these people regarding a “loan modification” We got call and told us not to pay the mortgage one month and NOW the penalites are out of sight. They don’t want to help – the jus literally screwed up the process!

  13. Mark and Lisa Sullivan on October 26th, 2009 1:36 am

    I have been trying to get our mortgage remodified. We are current on out mortgage but have been facing hardship due to medical expenses and income changes. So far my file have been thru the Loan modification and to the negotiator and I then received a phone call to let me know that a program was not found for us due to high debt. She said I would hve to get credit counseling. I am already enrolled to one and faxed her a letter about 4-5 hours letter (the company is on West coast) Well, I faxed it over and called to make sure they recived it and my filed was on its way back to the end and had already been removed from the system and I had to start all over again…………..I was so frustrated and still am!!!! I refaxed everything, saton the phone for an hour and repeating all the same info. all over……I have 3 kids 2 which are home form school sick and need there moms attention…now I have been on the computer since my kids went to bed (about 5 hours) researching myself about this program now I find out that the income that need to be stated is the only person who signed the that case I did not sign the mortgage only my husband and Wells fargo never told me that…so what is going on!!!!!!!

  14. Ava on December 3rd, 2009 9:28 am

    Chris, I have a very large wells fago problem. They put my housenote up to 3k when my contract says 1349.00. This happened “during ” a court case with my contrary ex. I looked at the situation to see why the payment went up. It was taxes, negative escrow, and insurance. My case closed in march 09 after 2.3 years of hell.. I called them and they were insistant I pay them all this money every month. So I hung up and paid their escow depart the neg amount, I went to my city and paid my summer 09 taxes, and I tired to pay my winter tax months early but it was not allowed by the city, so I called wells fargo escrow and gave them the EXACT amount they thought the winter tax would be, 1279.91.

    In the meantime a firend of mine said all I had to do was pay for the material and he would roof my home to stop the 18 plus leaks, so I did that. 1200.00
    It is November in Michigan, there was no gas/heat on so I just paid 2600 to get the gas/heat on so the pipes would not break, and for warrmth. This caused me not to pay the mortgage because I viewd this work on the house equal in priiority with keeping the home.

    So between April, when my child got her first check via the state, and today, I have paid about 20k plus toward keeping the home, clearing up the negatives, and keeping the value of the home in tact..

    There is NO way I can pay what they want every single month as my child is disabled and the money is used for her issues.

    Yet, I am going into forclosure on Dec 22, 2009 not because I cannot pay my contracted mortgage amount of 1349, but because I cannot give them “extra” on a long term basis of the near 3000 per month. .

    There are two issues here. 1. They took my mortgage from another lender and now want me to sign this and that but I flatly refuse because they did not have my signature when they picked up my contraact and
    2. This is a “punishment” from wells fargo and I am too old to take a spanking from them especially for the reason my superb record (which they admit to) got tarnished due to a non paying father who now pays via the state..

    I can get my self caught up in 45 days or less but that is stickly by me paying 1348.71 and one late fee for each of the months from August.

    They are wholly unreasonable especially since the “extra” they are demanding has already been paid by me.. They are foerclosing on me for want of extra and
    in this market they should be very grateful I can pay my contracted amount.

    Will they actually be doing this at Christmas, because I can probably be caught up in January on my contracted amount. Ava

  15. Claudia Ferro on January 27th, 2010 1:29 pm

    Wells Fargo is the worst Bank to do Modification.. They lie about eveyting especially about not recieving the proper paper work. After trying to do it ouselves, we ended up hiring an attorney, It has been 5 Months and our loan is still under review. I just want to get back to normal and start making my paments with my new loan docs. They are rediculous! I will never ever do business with WF.

  16. Need advice on January 31st, 2010 11:31 pm

    My husband and I are divorcing (somewhat amicably) and will not be able to afford to keep our home when it’s complete. We are upside down by at least 60k, pending appraisal. We have no outstanding debt, are current on our payments, and both have credit scores of 800+. We need to do a short sale, but am extremely concerned about dealing with wells Fargo. Because mi is a “recourse” state will they file a deficiency suit? How do they settle the debt and if it’s only “forgiven” will the difference be covered by the tax relief act? So confused but we are trying to be realistic and proactive. Any information would be appreciated!

  17. Chris O'Connor on February 1st, 2010 11:17 am

    You need to contact a real estate agent in your state. I’m in Florida.

  18. Bill on April 20th, 2010 11:08 am

    We have been trying to get a loan modification for over a year with Wells Fargo. Our problems began when they increased the escrow and I have never dealt with a company that is so incompentent. I can call 5 times in the same day and get 5 different answers. We have made 3 trial payments three different times in the last year. I have not found anyone that cares and yet Michael Heid has the nerve to speak to the House Finance Committee telling them what a wonderful job they are doing. He is either a liar or clueless. I would love for him to be the undercover boss and act like he is me just to see how bad Wells Fargo actually is.

  19. Catherine and Ed on April 26th, 2010 8:37 pm

    OK. So I’ve read the threads posted regarding Wells Fargo. Here is our current situation. We stopped paying our mortgage 5/09 after advice from many Wells Fargo branch offices and mortgage modification companies. August received foreclosure notification.

    On 9/8/09 Wells Fargo was in Phoenix, AZ to meet with home owners upside down mortages on their primary residence. Wells Fargo at the mortgage convention agreed to set something up with us.
    We already forwarded the hardship letter, budget, loss of income due to unemployment, and desire to work with them on loan modification reducing the loan amount to bring to fair market value.

    We became enrolled in the HAM Program and set up auto withdrawal with Wells Fargo. Weekly phone calls ensued with loss mitigation dept., re-worked budgets submitted and pay check stubs sent monthly.The initial trial was set fot 3 months. January 2010 no final decision made infact they stated we never made a payment of the modified amount nor forwarded them any information. Remember auto withdrawal…so we sent them copies of the statements. They suddenly found the payment history and put us on another 3 month trial of payments, budget, new hardship letter, and check stubs. Now 3 months is done and we recieved a letter stating sincne we have never made a payment for modification we owe the original morgtatge amount for an additional trial period and they want us to sign a forbearance agreement. If we couldn’t afford the mortgage payment 12 months ago and our situation has not changed what help do we have?
    So advice on next steps? Please help.

  20. Lynne Boyce-Sisco on June 17th, 2010 8:37 am

    We made a cash offer on a WF condo short sale in Florida. After several months we were asked for some extra documentation including our Articles of Incorporation because we are buying it in the name of our holding company for tax purposes. We received a counter offer for $5000 more and that they would not sell to our holdco only us personally. We had no problem with the price increase but we need have holdco buy not us personally and it seems the deal is dead now. What possible difference would it make with a cash offer what the legal name of the buyer is??? Why did they even send the offer on to the WF negotiator if they don’t sell short sales to incorporated buyers and why did they need us to supply notarized copies of Articles if they weren’t considering corporations???

  21. Chris O'Connor on June 17th, 2010 12:06 pm

    I have no idea why they wouldn’t accept the holding company as the buyer. I do know that short sales need to be “arms length” transactions. The seller (bank and investor) need to know that you aren’t somehow related to the owner attempting to bail them out of their upside down mortgage. I agree that they should have notified you immediately, upon receipt of your offer, that they will not allow the buyer to be a holding company. Welcome to the hell that is the short sale. Nothing seems to make sense and banks regularly make decisions that leave everyone scratching their heads in amazement. If you cannot somehow salvage this deal I would strongly suggest you have your Realtor run MLS searches that omit any and all short sales. Go for bank-owned properties and/or traditional sales. Only 1 in 8 short sales ever closes (Fannie Mae statistic in January 2010) so why gamble with your time, money and emotional energy.

    If you do decide to only look at foreclosures (REO’s, bank-owned properties) be ready for a different environment. All of the wise buyers are fighting for this select group of listings. So what you experienced with short sales won’t be the same with foreclosures. You will have your answer from the bank typically within 48 – 72 hours (provided the foreclosure listing is seasoned or on the market long enough) and you will probably be dealing with competing offers. If a foreclosure is priced at $100,000 you will usually be wasting your time offering $90,000. The price is the price is the price. When the bank told the REO listing agent to price it at $100,000 they meant that they have done their research, usually through multiple BPO’s (Broker Price Opinions), and they believe the property is worth $100,000 AND they will be able to get $100,000. So do your due diligence and if you really want the REO listing offer full price or a little over full price. And do it quickly. Bank-owned properties sell within 30 – 45 days. Most sell faster than that.

    I wish you luck. If you were in the Tampa Bay area I’d offer to help you find the right now.

  22. shirley on July 12th, 2010 12:21 am

    Wells Fargo stinks.
    I agree with the other people leaving their comments.
    I have been trying to get my interest rate down since Feb. 2009.
    They fail to tell me that it didn’t need to show income to bring down the interest rate of an FHA loan. Instead, they told me to get behind in my payments so I could qualify to have lower interest rates. Yet, fail to tell me about all the incurring fees I would get from their bank. I went through the 3 months trial and their representative at first said I didn’t pay it. When she found out I did and that I was still waiting for an answer to why I was not put in the Loan affordable Program- she told me not to pay my payments again until they get back to me.
    I was getting assistance through a non profit organization called “African American Homeownership” and now they have all my paperwork and they have not helped me for 3 months. They do not return their phone calls or their emails — _ so I don’t recommend them either !

    I was told by Wells Fargo – If I requested info on the short sale that it would not stop their modified loan offer. Guess what it did and now I am in Foreclosure again. Ok this is the short form. I am trying to save my house– however a unwanted person is in my house and I cant go to my house because he put a stalking order against me. He did this since i asked him to leave and he turns out to be a squatter who plans to milk the days out of the bank too.
    Is there anyone I can talk to at the mortgage who can help me?

  23. Maria Rodarte on August 5th, 2010 1:10 am

    I agree with everything everybody says about Wells Fargo Loss Mitigation, Somebody told us to stop doing the payments so we did we been trying to get a modification since March 2010 and I been calling the bank almost every other day everytime I call is the same thing they tell me nothing and solve nothing we have the Action Date for this Month August 18 , I call today the only thing that I can do is call 10 days before to see if they can stop it.

    I don’t know what to do not only we are losing our house but aour family is falling apart what it really worry me is my parents they both diabetics and I’m really concern about they health at this point.

    I wish they could give me an answer because this is a really stress and frustate situation YES OR NO BUT NO MORE WAITING IS KILLING ME AND ALL MY PATIENCE.

  24. karen on August 24th, 2010 1:36 pm

    we were told by wellsfargo to send money and some documents to stop sell on our house on august 4 2010 we complied with everything they asked our house was sold on the 16 2010 and we received a summons of unlawful detained that same friday.. wellsfargo keeps giving us the run around and we only have until the 30th to reschind the trustee deed .. that’s when the new owners will get it. we just wanted a loan modification and now we lost our home is the anything that can be done before the 30 we have come up with the money we owe we just want our home anyone please help!!!

  25. David on August 29th, 2010 8:12 am


    Short story: I am retiring/relocating in 3 months. I am upside on my house. I went through the short sale process and got a good offer. Here is what Wells Fargo said in reference to my situation:

    I am the negotiator assigned to this file. I have reviewed the short sale file. After reviewing the hardship letter and income, we are unable to accept a short sale on this property. Borr makes too much income for us to be able to accept this and the hardship isn’t actually a hardship yet. Please let seller know they will rcv a denial in the mail. Thanks so much and sorry.

    Mellissa Murphy
    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Wells Owned Liquidation
    Loan Service Specialist 5
    P: 877-279-0650 X 3035
    P: 515-564-3035
    F: 866-972-4063 ATTN: Mellissa Murphy

    In 90 days I intend to move and will no longer service the mortgage, but will keep current until then. Is there someone In WF I could contact to let them know. Should I turn in the keys or just shut the house down, lock it up and let them discover it for themselves. Having gone through the process of sending in a plethora of documentation I do not intend to participate in that exercise again. But I thought I would do them the courtesy of letting them know they can have the house.


  26. debra king on September 2nd, 2010 5:40 pm

    I have been in contact now for three and half months with Wells Fargo that is just the servicing agency for my home with Bank of America . am still going through a Modification they have lost paper work get the same answer we working on it ever week same old answer next week next week they lost so much information i gave them that i have had to re do so many times I can name names and will it time to stop playing a ball shit game and get on with it you get paid from the bank you service so you make money in the end. I have five friends that are all related to real estate and guss what they got the mod and reduction on their home and never had to pay back one dime in one years past due payments ? what wrong with this system . Crooks

  27. Paul Bunnell on September 22nd, 2010 10:02 am

    I have been run around by WELLS FARGO MITIGATION department, but not ever talking to anyone there for 5 months. I contacted them in April 30 for help before ever being late on our payments but could see it coming after many devasting events in my life including the passing of my wife after 41 years. All I wanted was help from this so called Obama plan to lower everything so I could afford my payments so we can stay in our home. Every call brought me to a telemarketer type kid that knew nothing about Wells Fargo. They never let me talk to Mitigation, only told me to send in all this paperwork which I did 7 times. To this day, I’ve got no calls, no help and no new payments. The feds are paying these people for this curel program while the homeowner goes under. I need help….I need help NOW. What is wrong with this country. Wells Fargo has even been on CNN over the run a round and stealing government money. I even wrote to Obama twice as he instructed too but got nothing from them.
    I am disabled and have no place to go. WHY CAN’T I GET HELP FROM THESE CROOKS

  28. anon999 on September 30th, 2010 7:46 am

    My daughter lost her job and couldn’t afford her home. She tried in vain trying to get the Obama loan modification but Wells Fargo wouldn’t lower her payment more than $150.00. What a Farce. She then tried the Haffa program and tried to sell the house. Then about a month later, the sign was taken down and Wells Fargo had sent someone to close up her house. She hadn’t been notified that they had bought back the property. She tried working with their lawyers but they wouldn’t talk with her because Wells Fargo was their client not her. She obtained an apartment with my help, asked about the cash for keys program. The sent her 2 pages out of 5, of course, the cash for keys page was missing.
    In the cover letter they said she MUST contact the office within 5 days or the cash for keys program wouldn’t be available to her. We called that number everyday, 3-5 times a day without a callback. I faxed a letter to the only other number I could find, but no answer. Wells Fargo is an awful business to deal with. Out final recourse… we contacted our congressman. They responded right away, wanting my daughter to submit papers regarding her privacy rights. Hope they can help.

  29. David Mattice on March 19th, 2011 4:44 pm

    We had to do a shortsale with Wells Fargo last summer/fall. The process was lengthy and cumbersome, but WF was easy to deal with and very professional….or so we thought.

    Relocation and market conditions forced us to shortsell and we intended to be current to the bitter end at our own financial peril. We couldn’t stand the thought of not making payments. The offer was accepted, and right at the end we were told our shortsale would not be processed unless we were at least 31 days delingquent. They then set the closing date a further 30 days, and the sale closed.

    Now it seems we were lied to about the delinquency requirement, and the 60 days delinquent on our credit report is what is keeping us from obtaining a new home.

    Do all your homework…

  30. Kathryn Dang on May 9th, 2011 6:06 pm


    I have submitted a short sale offer to WF on Feb 14. To this date I have not gotten from a WF. The file is still in the processing phase and unsure would it get transfer over to the negotiater. Who orders the bPOS? the processor or negotiater. How long does it take for a BPO to be order? and after recieving how much longer would the negotiater contact me? My short sale addendum has expire and the listing agent on the file is not responding.

    On this property there is only 1 lender which is well fargo, how much longer should i wait?

  31. Rita McDonald on September 25th, 2011 10:30 pm

    It is an absolute shame, that Wells Fargo will not help and assist a BLIND lady, and has denied her a Loan Modification already two (2) times.

    God put us down here to help others, and not be enemies.

    If you can assist, please email

  32. Chris O'Connor on September 26th, 2011 2:24 am

    What does her sight, or lack thereof, have to do with qualifying for a loan modification?

  33. Madeline Costantini on October 18th, 2011 3:41 pm

    My husband and I are in the process of buying a second home in Myrtle Beach, SC. We have been looking at forclosures and short sales. Recently we put a bid in on a home that is in a short sale with Wells Fargo. The sellers accepted our offer, however the bank came back with a counter offer which is $10,000.00 more that our bid. The house has been on the market for a long time and we have been the only bidders in months. I cannot believe that Wells Fargo would rather lose the sale and let the home go into forclosure, then take our offer and break even. Just another example of corporate greed. Let’s not forget it was the homeowners and taxpayers that bailed you out when you failed. Now you are so greedy that you want more than what the house is worth and more than what is actually owed. Shame on you, the corporate pimps who take and take without any conscience. That house can sit and rot before I give them any more money than they deserve.

  34. Missy on February 16th, 2012 9:01 am

    I have had some serious issues with Wells Fargo. I have been trying to reach someone for months now about my mortgage. I have been told I am 6 months behind when I have been paying my mortgage every month, When I call I get put on hold forever and noone can come up with the appropriate answers. No words can express how much BS I have put up with this awful, scamming, disfunctional company. When requested payment history and speaking to numerous people in customer service about my request. Here I sit patiently waiting for 4 months now and still no papers in the mail I requested. Oh yeah, one lady in customer service hung up on me. If I were to curse at the time, I would, with words the normal individual could not even come up with ,but I will leave it at that.

  35. Dan W on March 27th, 2012 2:32 pm

    complete criminals

    We are a victim of Presidential Disaster Declaration #1984. The flooding that occurred in Union County, SD last summer did affect our housing situation at XXX XXXXX Trail in Dakota Dunes, SD.

    Our Mortgage # with Wells Fargo is 017912XXXX.

    I cannot begin to explain to you the lies we were told, the numerous promises that were broken, and the complete lack of follow-up that has occurred in our dealings with Wells Fargo. I can only say at this point that I am completely frustrated with their process and will be sending letters to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General concerning their practices.

    We began the HAFA Program Application and faxed the completed application to Wells Fargo on January 13th. I have the dated application and the fax confirmation report from 1/13/2012. Today, 10 weeks later, we still have no word from Wells Fargo where our application stands concerning the short sale and the program itself. Their representative Tim Draper was apparently fired and our account sat in limbo for quite some time. Currently, our account is being processed by

    I have an unbelievable amount of documentation demonstrating our willingness to share information and repeatedly provide the same documentation, but to no avail. We have no choice but to move forward with other venues. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…..we now want to spread the word to as many people as possible that Wells Fargo lies, cheats, and steals. Wells Fargo has no concern or respect for Presidential Disaster Declarations. Wells Fargo has no respect for their customers. Wells Fargo, by far, is the worst company that I have dealt with in over 41 years.

    I do not know where to turn at this point. Why would it take 10 weeks to even acknowledge the acceptance or denial of the short sale process and the HAFA application? I guess will stir the bees nest and find out.

  36. Bill on March 30th, 2012 11:12 am

    I just wanted to say that my experience thus far with Wells Fargo in my short sale attempt has been a disaster! I started the process in December, and we still have not been approved! I am an active duty Marine Corps officer that was forced to relocate from Jacksonville, NC to Buffalo, NY. Tried to sell my house for over a year with no luck! Then I find out that the house has lost almost $60K in value. I had renters in there for a year but of course, they did significant damage, so I refuse to rent again. It’s still vacant and I refuse to dump money into a house that has lost so much value…and continues to drop as I type!!! I finally sucked up my pride and called Wells Fargo asking for a short sale. I have been given the runaround ever since day one! I call about 3-4 times a week to speak to my Home Preservation Specialists, which is very hard to get a hold of. So if I can’t get a hold of her, then I am allowed to call the Short Sale department. This is where I get the most friction from as it seems that every time I call, I missing something or I haven’t sent certain docs in on time. I have been removed from the short sale list twice now! All because I supposedly did not send in my Approval to Participate Letter to them. This is absurd as I sent that signed letter back to them the first week of January. However, I was just informed this past Wednesday, March 28th, that they had never recieved this letter! Are you kidding me? You’re just now telling me this? In that timeframe, I have spoken to well over 75 Wells Fargo reps and at no time did any one of them inform me about this letter not getting to them! Then they accuse me of holding on to the letter! Serioulsy? That’s like holding on to a winning lotto ticket and not cashing it in!!! The worst part is that we now have buyers with a strong offer, no strings attatched, but Wells Frgo continues to drag their feet! Now they are telling me they cannot issue another letter as they only issue one per short sale! Really? That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Yet it’s odd that they send me around 3-5 notices per week asking for money. But they can’t send me a one page letter that would allow me to execute this sale! Go figure! It really comes down to the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing in my opinion. I really don’t think it is in their interest to get this done. I even had my counselor there tell me yesterday that this was the most difficult case she had ever seen! Great! If we lose these buyers due to Wells Fargo’s incompetence, I am contemplating sueing them, but I have a hard time believeing that I would actually get anywhere. We have buyers, yet WF continues to act like they don’t want to do this. If I were an employer that treated my customers like this, I would have been run out of town. I have faithfully served my country for over 22 years, numerous combat deployments, a stellar record, an honest family man, yet this is how I get treated! I wish there was a way I could find more people in my situation as I would love to let Wells Fargo know that I am not the only one that has been treated like dirt! Anybody have any ideas?

  37. Chris O'Connor on March 30th, 2012 3:05 pm

    You called Wells Fargo asking for a Short Sale? Why are you personally calling Wells Fargo? Don’t you have a Realtor handling that for you? Or are you trying to sell your home without a Realtor?

  38. Bill on April 10th, 2012 10:01 am

    Absolutely I called Wells Fargo myself. It’s my poperty, and I am responsible. I can’t expect my agent to drop all that she is doing to cater to my needs. She is doing everything that she can seeing that I have authorized her to do all that I can do. The problem is that Wells Frgo is so big that one person says one thing, only to call back and find out another perosn says another. It’s impossibel to get in touch with my home preservation specialists. I just called 10 minutes ago with no luck so then asked to speak with a rep from the short sale dept only to be told that the Short Sale Affidavit and Purchase Agreement had not been recieved!!!! Imagine that! It’s funny though that I faxed the purchase agreement two weeks ago, called 24 hrs after I faxed it, and was told it was sucessfully recieved! How in the hell does this one document now come up missing? This is what I am talking about. Nothing works with these people! Nothing!!!! I am at a loss for words in this situation. I am open to suggesstions but can’t understand why this process is so difficult. This has been going on since the 1st week of December. Still not successful! I would be gald to speak to you personnaly Chris to get some ideas on what to do!

  39. Jessica on April 16th, 2012 2:40 pm

    A short version to a VERY long story that’s caused severe stress and headache….I sought help from a financial planner over a year and a half ago (wanting to get myself in a better place), and essentially he not only didn’t do what he was hired to do, he stole from me, lied about the status of everything, and as I learned the other week when contacting Wells Fargo for a current payoff on my home as I was so excited to report that I’d gotten a contract of sale and could start working to relocate halfway across the country; I learned that my home was in “foreclosure status” as apparently the money was never paid and the financial planner had taken it for himself instead. This all the while as I’m eagerly selling my home to move south, and all the while as a “professional” is scamming me for everything I have, INCLUDING the good standing which my home was in prior to his “help!” I now have a full price offer on the home, that would pay off the total payoff. The kicker to the story…..Wells Fargo continues to take on interest and penalty fees DAILY to the tune of nearly $10,000 at this point and climbing despite the notice to freeze the account as it will be sold in the next month (when settlement is scheduled). NO ONE at this business that I’ve worked with thus far has done anything but tell me they “understand your situation,” and redirect me to having to Short Sale the property since I can’t pay it off. First, in venting, please don’t read from a computer prompt in some call center, telling me that you “understand” my situation if you’ve never been a victim of identity theft and robbed of everything you’ve had. Second, let’s talk logic for a moment here. Wouldn’t it make far more sense to knock off the ridiculous accruing interest and fees and allow me to pay off the principle balance rather than to lose this buyer, risk it not selling (potentially very likely) and then push it to sheriff sale getting back less than half of what is owed on the home? All to prove a point? To not in the least work with me as the owner who prior to “assistance” was a good standing customer. Makes total sense to me to not take the full value of the home and let me settle and walk but rather wait two years on a home that’s now depreciated in the area that I live, and get half of what you could. Simple math tells me otherwise. I’m also the one apparently missing something. I would GREATLY appreciate any assistance/direction here, as the last thing I want to do is lose my home in addition to taking that hit on my credit and my life for the long term.

    I thank you in advance for anything that you may provide.

  40. Mike on May 21st, 2012 11:59 am

    I did one with Chase and my realtor handled all the details and I got a 10K incentive and my realtor got full commission. We presented three offers and they finally wised up and took the third.

  41. Sar on June 25th, 2013 4:09 pm

    Is there a wells fargo lost mitigation email?

  42. Paula jacques on September 26th, 2014 11:53 pm

    I have been dealing with the idiots of Wells Fargo Bank, NA in Springfield Ohio since April due to tornado damage. I am at my final stage of repair. They dragged their feet through the first two check making my contractors wait for over a month for their pay check. Now I am mostly together just waiting for the weather to be better to finish my carport and back porch. I am in no hurry but Wells fargo calls every week for no reason other than to say they sent forms which they did not. I know what I have to do to finish but its months away. They never say what they want and now they have sent a letter with no signature saying they cant get me on the phone RIGHT they cant I am not going to answer their stupid question which is always the same what a waste of money paying people to call for nothing Please advise them if you can figure out who they are to stop ANNOYING THEIR customers I hate Wells Fargo and would go with any other mortgage company and advise all to not go with them

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