Unpaid real estate property taxes in Tampa Bay skyrocket

April 20, 2009

property-tax-bill1According to the St. Petersburg Times a record number of property taxes are going unpaid in Tampa Bay thus depriving our area of millions of dollars of tax revenue. As of April 2009 114,000 properties had overdue tax bills totaling more than $300 million.

  • Hillsborough County property owners owe the most, with nearly $160 million overdue, a 6 percent increase from last year.
  • In Pinellas County, property owners have not paid about $116 million in taxes, up 18 percent from last year.
  • Pasco County has $35 million outstanding, while Hernando County property owners owe about $20 million.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that about a third of the properties with overdue bills are homeowners. The rest are commercial properties, including First Central Tower in downtown St. Petersburg, the Tierra Verde Marina, the Brookside Apartments in Temple Terrace, and the Safety Harbor Spa.

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