Nolo’s Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home

April 21, 2009

buying-your-first-homeby Ilona Bray J.D. Nolo, Alayna Schroeder J.D., and Marcia Stewart Nolo

“Any first-time homebuyer owes it to him or herself to get this book. It’s packed with information you won’t find anywhere else, yet is remarkably accessible, even when covering complex financial issues.” — Elisabeth DeMarse, CEO,, former CEO,

“Coming from a gal that knows tools, this book is a must-have tool for any home buyer. It offers so much essential information, purchasing a home without it would be like trying to drive a nail without a hammer!” — Norma Vally, host of Toolbelt Diva (Discovery Home) and author of Chix Can Fix: 100 Home Improvement Projects and True Tales From the Diva of Do-It-Yourself

” Enthusiasm, hints and tips all rolled into a great read for first-timers.” — Pat Lashinsky, President of ZipRealty

“On my scale of one to 10, this superb book rates a off-the-chart 12.” (Robert Bruss )

“Takes the guesswork out of home buying… two thumbs up!” (Elizabeth Weintraub Home Buying & Selling Guide, )

“A must-have for any new homebuyer. Empower yourself by informing yourself!” — Heidi Baker & Eden Jarrin, co-founders of

“Even in a sluggish market, there will … … always be people seeking advice and direction in buying a first home. Nolo’s excellent guide for novice home buyers provides fresh, updated information about the whole process that even those in … more the know will find useful. Readers will appreciate the chapter outlines highlighting key topics in each section, as well as the personal anecdotes and tips from real estate experts. As in the “For Dummies” series, each chapter here is punctuated with icons, starred paragraphs, and simple catchphrases, all designed to reduce further the intimidation factor in making a major life-changing purchase. Packaged with a CD-ROM that includes essential forms (e.g., a “Final Walk-Through Checklist,” a sample inspection report, and a “Questions for the Sellers Worksheet”) and MP3-formatted audio files of extended insight from the real estate experts, this is highly recommended for most public libraries, especially those seeking to replace and update outdated real estate titles. Determined not to leave any segment of the real estate community uninformed, Nolo also offers a guide to buying a second home. Though perhaps overly detailed in some sections (e.g., there are in-depth descriptions of the differences among a townhouse, a co-op, and a condominium) and not as universally needed, the book is valuable for guiding readers toward examining and understanding the desire for purchasing a second home and the financial ramifications of embarking on such an endeavor. A CD-ROM with reproducible forms is included. Recommended for libraries with larger boomer populations and/or populations with higher-than-average discretionary incomes, though the book is quick to emphasize that a second home purchase is no longer strictly only for the rich and famous.” –Joslyn Jones, Oak Park

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