Cumberland Trace – Largo, FL Real Estate

April 22, 2009

Looking for a townhome in Cumberland Trace of Largo?


There are some incredible deals available in Cumberland Trace townhomes. Prices have dropped significantly over the past few years due to adverse market conditions. While this is bad news for Cumberland Trace homeowners it’s an incredible opportunity for buyers.

As of April 22, 2009 there are 4 units currently for sale. All have 1272 square feet and identical floor plans. The list prices are as follows:

  • $99,900
  • $117,000
  • $119,000
  • $134,900

The 3 lowest priced listings are all short sales while the $134,900 is a fair market sale.  The crazy thing is these units were over $120,000 brand new back in 2004 so clearly they have lost all equity gained over those years. In fact most have lost all equity and are now selling at a loss for the homeowners. Again, good news for buyers and not so good news for sellers.

When looking at home values it is vital to look at the recently sold comparable properties. The problem is there haven’t been any recent sales in Cumberland Trace of Largo, Florida. Nothing has sold in the past 180 days.  The most recent sales are listed below:

  • $129,000 – Sold on 9/19/2008
  • $129,000 – Sold on 9/24/2008
  • $130,000 – Sold on 8/05/2008










One Response to “Cumberland Trace – Largo, FL Real Estate”

  1. Your Cumberland Neighbor on May 2nd, 2009 7:13 pm

    What a shame our homes are now worth about what we bought them for. Had we sold about two years ago we would have all made quite a bit of money. Now I fear I’m stuck for at least 2 more years.

    But are they really selling for less than $100,000 now? I can’t believe this. These are about brand new and the community is awesome. Are there signs this economy is turning around or will prices drop more?

    Thank you for this post Chris.

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