WANTED: An Oreo Lover

April 29, 2009

Why is it so hard to find a beautiful loving cat a good home? Everyone seems to only want cute little kittens, but there are hundreds of thousands of stray cats of all ages out there that desperately need a good home. I’m talking cats that would LOVE to have a warm and safe home and that would sit in your lap and purr or lay at the foot of your bed while you sleep. Good cats that didn’t do anything wrong, but they were abandoned the moment they became “inconvenient” to their owners.


Oreo is a wonderful black and white male cat perhaps a year and a half old. I’m not sure of his exact age. When I first started taking care of him he was very afraid of humans and wouldn’t come near, but over time he learned to trust people and especially me and now he is as tame and loving as any household cat.

So why is he still living outside under cars and in the rain and cold?

My wife and I already have one cat and he happens to be extremely afraid of other cats. My wife rescued him from an animal shelter when he was a little kitten. We’ve tried to bring other cats home, but there have been issues where our cat is running and diving under the bed every few minutes. We just can’t have another cat.

A little less than a year ago there was a brutal murder in Clearwater. While the murder was horrific this post is about Oreo so I will stick with the theme. The individual that died had about 7 cats that lived inside and outside his house. They came and went at their leisure, but he fed them all and loved them. Unfortunately, when he was gone so was their home, shelter and source of protection and food.


Being the animal lover that I am I took it upon myself to take care of these cats. Abby and Butters are now living very happily at my wife’s good friends house. They are brother and sister and they get along quite well. You might have seen the photos of Abby from a previous post on this blog. I was trying to find her a home, but fortunately the girl that took Butters decided she would like to have his sister too. Things worked out well for the two of them.


Oreo is still a stray. He has me to drop by every few days and refill his feeder, but he is looking thinner and it is painful to drive away while he sits in the front yard staring at me meowing. I feel like he is wondering why I don’t take him with me. There are nights that are extremely cold out there – some below freezing. Where does he sleep? And then there is hurricane season with crazy winds and rain. Where does he hide from the elements?

And now that Butters and Abby are living together Oreo is presumably missing his son and daughter. We believe Oreo is the father of the litter. When I visit Oreo he seems to have made friends with a few other neighborhood cats, but he doesn’t look happy and he has lost weight. I am tired of knowing he is out there. There has to be a loving home that would take him in and take good care of him. But how do I find that home?


I’m willing to pay for his vet bills. He needs to get fixed and flea dipped and vaccinated. I’ll handle all of this. I’ve done it for all the other strays. But Oreo needs a home. He needs to be able to sleep in peace on someone’s living room couch without fear of a neighborhood dog or cat attacking him. He needs food and water everyday. Right now he gets it every few days but I am aware that possums and raccoons and other strays quickly empty his feeder at night. I can’t stop this from happening as his feeder is outside.

If you are someone you know would consider giving Oreo a loving home please contact me right away. Again, I’ll pay his vet bills. Just promise me you’ll take good care of him and be willing to explain in detail what “good care” means to you. There are too many animal abusers out there and I don’t want to give him to someone who will treat him bad.

Here are some more photos of Oreo. He is fine with you changing his name to whatever you like. He told me so.







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