Oreo finds a new home!

May 10, 2009

I sincerely appreciate everyone that responded and showed an interest in Oreo’s story. It meant a lot to me and of course to Oreo. I’ll now give you an update as Oreo wanted me to tell you all to stop worrying about him – he is finally safe, secure and oh so happy.

For those not following along Oreo is a beautiful black and white male cat that found himself homeless after his owner was brutally murdered back in July of 2008. Oreo lost everything that day and has been living outside, exposed to the elements and of course the daily and nightly dangers of life as a stray. For almost a year I’ve been taking care of feeding him on a regular basis.

In July of 2008 he was extremely afraid of people, but within a few months he finally approached me and became my buddy. Perhaps it was the food. I’d like to think we formed a friendship. Nah, it was the Meow Mix and “Pounce” treats I’m sure.

As of a few days ago Oreo was adopted. Or did Oreo do the adopting? Check out the photos of Oreo and you decide. These photos were snapped on the day his new owner’s came to retrieve him and save Oreo from life as a stray.



As you can see Oreo has a new friend. Actually, two new friends. Bill and Jim responded to my Craig’s List ad after Oreo’s story caught their attention. Bill had a Maine Coon cat that became sick and eventually had to be put to sleep to humanely end his suffering. Since his cat’s passing Bill has had a hole is his life and now maybe Oreo will be able to fill it.





As you can see above Oreo is loving all the attention he’s getting and is quite fond of both Jim and Bill. I think they’re going to be a great family.





Above you’ll see Oreo enjoying a delicious lunch before he heads off to his new home.



Oreo will probably miss some of his friends. This is a neighbor’s cat that always seemed to be around. They got along very well and many days when I pulled up they’d be laying together near the food bowl licking each other.


Evidently Oreo was in some sort of a fight recently. You can see his nose is cut up rather badly. He also was bit on his belly and has several small gashes. Usually, when bites appear on the belly they were received after the animal submitted to the aggressor. It is nice to know Oreo won’t have to fend for himself anymore.




Here you see Oreo in the cage we used to transport him. He put up no fuss when placed inside the cage, in fact, he went right for his food bowl. Bill had the brilliant idea of putting his food bowl in the cage with him since his own scent would be on the food bowl. Oreo has been eating out of this bowl for almost a year and it will be comforting to have something familiar around him during the transport and introduction to his new home. When Bill suggested this I again was made to feel this whole deal was going to work out well. Bill and Jim are good people and clearly love animals.





Since I gave Oreo up to his new owner’s I have caught myself starting to drive towards his old home on several occasions. I’m used to stopping by for a visit and to refill his feeder and water dish about every other day, but Oreo isn’t there anymore and I suddenly realize this and have a slight feeling of sadness and loss. Oreo is a good cat and I already miss him, but my sadness is replaced by feelings of comfort and happiness as I realize Oreo is no longer a stray. He now has a home and safety and love.

Bill plans to keep me posted on how Oreo is doing in his new environment. From the sounds of it their home is going to be the perfect place for Oreo. Hopefully I will get some photos from them so I can share them with you.

Goodbye Oreo. I’ll miss you.

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