Ebby Halliday: The First Lady of Real Estate by Michael Poss

May 8, 2009

ebby-hallidayBook Description
Smiling Works, Thriving on Change, Investing in a Dream, and Making Every Day Countthese principles helped Ebby Halliday guide her firm to exponential growth, year after year for over six decades. This book is about starting small and dreaming big, about leadership and partnership, and about always treasuring the moments while looking to the future. “You want to know the secret of success?” Ebby has asked audiences across the country. “Make people feel that you are interested in them. Make them feel special. Make it real.” Today she adds, “Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and never retire!”

About the Author
Michael Poss, a lifelong Dallas, Texas, resident, has accounting and law degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and worked his early years as a CPA with Arthur Young and Company. Poss has been married for more than thirty-five years to former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Mary Poss, who is now a sales agent with Ebby Halliday Realtors.

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