4 Rehab Must-Dos

May 3, 2009


1. Universal bath design.
Roll-in showers and decorative grab bars that match bath fixtures.

2. A kitchen island.
Ideally one that’s not a boring square and that incorporates lots of storage.

3. A sealed shower.
Multiple shower heads and outside vent to cut down on mold build up on grout and behind walls.

4. Stainless steel appliances.
Essential today at almost every home price point.

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One Response to “4 Rehab Must-Dos”

  1. Chris O'Connor on May 13th, 2009 12:37 am

    I’ll add a comment to this post. I think the roll-in shower is a MAJOR selling feature and one that people ought to heavily consider when upgrading and remodeling their homes.

    Why do roll-in showers matter so much?

    There is a growing population of retired, handicapped or war-wounded veterans that are needing a home that works for a wheelchair. In fact a few weeks ago a friend contacted me wanting my help in finding her client a home to rent with a roll-in shower.

    Literally, only 2 out of over 200 available rentals had a roll-in shower mentioned in the MLS. And I ran all variations of the search terms including “wheelchair” and “handicap” and other terms. After a few hours of manually searching MLS for a rental I decided to turn to the section of MLS with homes for sale. I was going to search that section for a home for sale and call the listing agent and see if their sellers would consider a short-term rental.

    In this section of MLS I found a small handful of homes, but by the time I had narrowed the process down to a few that would actually entertain a short-term rental the renter changed their mind and all of my time was down the drain.

    But on a positive note I learned an important lesson. Handicap-modified homes, and especially homes with roll-in showers, are extremely rare. If a seller or potential landlord would like to have a unique marketing advantage they might want to put this upgrade at the top of their list.

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