How many Realtors are members of Pinellas Realtor Organization?

May 11, 2009

logo_proI’ve just stumbled upon some statistics that I thought I’d share. If you’re a Realtor in the Tampa Bay area you’re abundantly aware that this is a tough market in which to survive. The following stats will drive the point home.

Total Pinellas Realtor Organization Members

April 2002: 4,750 total Realtors

April 2003: 5,600 total Realtors

April 2004: 6,100 total Realtors

April 2005: 7,100 total Realtors

April 2006: 8,000 total Realtors

September 2006: 8,500 total Realtors

April 2007: 6,600 total Realtors

April 2008: 6,400 total Realtors

January 2009: 5,300 total Realtors

April 2009: 5,600 total Realtors

The above information was recently published by the Pinellas Realtor Organization (PRO). My numbers may be slightly off from actual numbers as they are estimates of where each point on the graph falls. But the trend is obvious. Market conditions have been dire and Realtors have been forced to seek employment in other fields. Since January of 2009 there have been 3 consecutive months of growth in total Realtor membership, but it is too early to tell what this means. Over time as the market stabilizes and eventually starts to grow again we’ll see a flood of new Realtors running to get their licenses or renew their inactive licenses.

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