Fake “No Parking” Signs near the Tarpon Turtle Restaurant

May 31, 2009

For the past several years Tarpon Springs police have been writing parking tickets for people parking in completely valid parking spots near the popular Tarpon Turtle restaurant. But don’t blame the cops. This isn’t really their fault at all.  The police cannot memorize all of the “No Parking” sign locations throughout the Tampa Bay area. Yes, they should have looked more closely at those 22 signs —  they would have noticed that there are some obvious signs of them being counterfeit. But I suggest we give the cops a pass on this one. The police have bigger responsibilities than examining every parking sign for authenticity.

If I didn’t know better I would have though this was a childish prank committed by some teenagers with entirely too much time on their hands, but in actuality this was a rather nasty jab from one past business partner to another. According to the St. Petersburg Times:

“During a City Commission meeting earlier this month, Don Alvino, the owner of the Tarpon Turtle, alleged that Bronson was using the “no parking” signs to harass his customers.

Alvino and Bronson were business partners with Alvino initially leasing the Tarpon Turtle from Bronson with a five-month option to buy. In September 2006, Alvino exercised the option and purchased the restaurant for $3.4 million.

Since that time, Alvino says, Bronson has been out to destroy his business.”

While I haven’t personally been to the Tarpon Turtle I sure have heard good things about the great food and laid-back atmosphere.

Tarpon Turtle

1513 Lake Tarpon Ave.
Tarpon Springs FL 34689

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