Find your evacuation zone before you really need to know

August 24, 2009

hurricaneAs we move deeper into the 2009 hurricane season we all need to be diligent. I’ve posted many articles on about the ways we can be prepared, but this article should prove to be particularly useful. We need to have a plan for evacuation in advance so that when the call comes we’re ready and able to implement the plan safely, quickly and efficiently.

To look up information about your evacuation zone you’ll need to visit the Pinellas County Emergency Management web site. Once there you can plug in your home address and instantly be given vital¬† information you’re going to need during a required evacuation:

  • Closest Hurricane Shelters
  • Special Needs Shelters
  • Closest Accommodations

The information provided by the Pinellas County Emergency Management site will vary depending on when you run your search.¬† When we’re not under the threat of a hurricane you’ll see the above three pieces of information, but when a hurricane is coming and Pinellas County has issued an evacuation order, you’ll see some additional information. At that point only the hotels in higher evacuation levels and non-evacuation zones will appear on the web site. So bookmarking the web address is not a bad idea.

I strongly suggest you all find your evacuation zone TODAY or before you really need to know! Hurricane Bill skipped right past us last week, but it is inevitable that we won’t be so lucky one of these times. Be prepared.

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