Smart Car Crash vs. Traditional Small Car Crash

August 2, 2009

This video is worth watching since we’re all starting to see more and more of these little cars on the roads. While smart cars might make economic sense they make little to no safety sense. According to this video the smart car tends to be built much stronger than a traditional small car, but this benefit is quickly countered by the fact that the smart car is simply too small to have enough mass to handle high-speed collisions with enough slow-down time.

A larger car has more forgiveness as it crumples several feet in from the front bumper. A smart car cannot afford to crumple in too far as the passengers legs are only a few feet from the front bumper. The manufacturers built a strong steel cage around the passengers, but all this cage does is protect the car. The passengers suffer a massive deceleration resulting in internal organ injury. There appears to be nothing smart about smart cars other than the fuel economy. But you cannot enjoy the savings if you’re dead.

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