Eagle Lake Park will NOT be opening early due to budget constraints

August 13, 2009

St. Petersburg Times

LARGO — Pinellas County’s new $23.6 million park will have something for just about everybody: nature trails, ballfields, a dog park, playgrounds, wetlands and citrus groves.

But don’t line up just yet.

While construction of Eagle Lake Park in Largo will be finished five months ahead of schedule, the county says it’s too broke to open it before April.

Officials say it would cost about $96,000 in operational expenses to open the park six months early. It’s money they say they are hard-pressed to find when next year’s budget already required $85 million in cuts.

So the 163-acre park will sit empty, fenced from the public. Read more



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One Response to “Eagle Lake Park will NOT be opening early due to budget constraints”

  1. Strakmore3 on September 3rd, 2009 6:55 am

    What a shame. Have you driven by Eagle Lake Park and looked at it? This is going to be a wonderful park when they eventually open it to the public. But right now it is chained shut and I don’t see any further progress. Not for months.

    Maybe citizens can staff it to help out the city!?

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