What do my clients think of me?

November 24, 2009

surveyInquiring minds want to know! Well, I’d like to know.

Today I dropped in the mail a simple 1-page Customer Satisfaction Survey for my past and current real estate clients. I’m looking for honest feedback, whether it be positive or negative, on how I can become an even better Realtor. So when you receive your survey in the mail I do hope you answer the questions openly and honestly. I’d like to learn and grow from this experience so don’t be shy.

Your survey will look similar to:

1. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with me as your Realtor?
___    Very Satisfied        ___   Satisfied         ___   Dissatisfied        ___   Very Dissatisfied

2. Would you consider hiring me again or referring your family and friends to me?
___   Yes           ___   No

3. Have you hired another Realtor or referred your family or friends to another Realtor at any time after I was your Realtor? Please be honest! This is very important to me.
___   Yes            ___   No

4. Please share constructive criticism about your experience with me as your Realtor. Even if you were happy with me please tell me how I could have done an even better job.

5. If you were happy with my real estate services would you consider writing a brief testimonial for        ___   Check here to publish testimonial anonymously.

6. Have you ever visited and how often do you visit?
___   Yes, and often          ___   Yes, but rarely          ___   No, but I will           ___   No, and I’m not interested

7. What type of articles would you like to see at Are there any specific real estate subjects or questions you would like addressed on my blog?

8. Would you like to continue receiving my monthly printed newsletter?
___   Yes, I enjoy the articles           ___   Yes, but only to keep in contact           ___    No, thank you

9. Have you changed your email address or phone number? Let me know of any changes so that we can keep in contact with each other.

Email: ____________________________________________           Phone: ___________________________

Please use the enclosed postage paid envelope to return your survey. Thank you for your time!

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