What does mid score mean?

January 14, 2010

The middle score is used in mortgage lending by taking all three credit bureaus scores, in order from highest to lowest, and selecting the one in the middle.

Example: If your Experian score is 600, TransUnion 618 and Equifax is 720, your middle score is be 618.

Many people make the false assumption that a FICO mid score is all three scores added together and then divided by three. In other words they assume mid scores are averages of all three credit scores. This just isn’t the case.

In the above example the average of all three FICO credit scores is 646. A 646 is sufficient to get a mortgage just about anywhere. The score could certainly be higher, but a 646 will get the job done. But the mid score in the above scenario is actually not 646, but a mere 618, and it is close to impossible to borrow with a 618 mid score.

This should make it clear why it is vital to watch your FICO credit scores with all three credit agencies. Your mid score matters, when it comes time to apply for a mortgage, and it doesn’t matter that your highest score is 750+. It is your mid score that matters.

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