Florida Heat Wave by Florida Author Michael Lister

February 15, 2010

By Michael Lester

The suffocating heat makes you do things—it seeps in through your pores and sucks out your life. Like the bloody smear of a swatted mosquito on sweat-soaked skin, violence erupts suddenly, but the damage lingers.

From the pine tree–lined rural highways of north Florida, the tourist traps of central Florida, and the tropical, international environs of South Beach, come stories of sun-faded noir, orange pulp served up freshly squeezed.

Michael Lister is a novelist, essayist, screenwriter, and playwright who lives in northwest Florida. A former prison chaplain, Michael is the author of the Blood series featuring prison chaplain/detective John Jordan. His second series features Jimmy “Soldier” Riley, a PI in Panama City during World War II ( Michael also teaches college, operates a charity and community theater.

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