Open Road’s Best of the Florida Keys & Everglades by Bruce Morris

February 25, 2010

Open Road’s Best of the Florida Keys gives readers a great mix of unique trips of varying lengths for great diving and fishing, kayaking through mangrove swamps and hundreds of square miles of sand and turtle grass flats, sightseeing along the bridges and causeways of stunning overseas highway, and visiting the fun and quirky towns along the way to anything-goes Key West. This edition includes a new chapter just on visiting Everglades National Park. Morris explores the delights of quaint B&B’s delicious seafood, the small islands and coral reefs that make up Dry Tortugas National Park, historic walks through Key West’s old town-and where to go to relax, hang out on a remote beach, and watch a beautiful sunset.

About the Author

Bruce Morris is also the author of Open Road’s Best of Panama and co-author of Open Road’s Best of Costa Rica.

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