Bending over backwards for buyers

March 23, 2010

It’s 2010 and the real estate market in the United States is still in turmoil. Nobody knows what the real long-term prognosis is for this troubled sector of the nation’s economy. Recent news shows us that home sales have now fallen for four straight months, hitting a record-low in February.

With all this uncertainty it is very important to figure out which factors in the equation you can control to some degree. As a home seller you need to realize just how precious and valuable each and every showing opportunity is. You can’t control the big picture, such as the economy or demand for real estate, but you can control the small picture, such as how well your home shows and how easy it is for buyers’ agents to show your home.

All too often sellers get asked to allow a showing on short notice or during inopportune times. Yes, this is annoying and frustrating. I get this. But there is an old idiom, “beggars can’t be choosers,” that really applies here. That buyer that calls 30 minutes before they want to see your house could very well be the buyer that steps up to the plate and makes an offer. Turning him or her away simply on principle because you’re upset they didn’t give you advanced warning of their arrival could backfire on you. That might have been the only buyer interested in your home.

Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and stifle your frustration. Allow that showing while you’re making dinner or watching a recording of the latest American Idol episode. Keep the goal in mind. You want to sell and you cannot sell without showings.

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