Molly and Ducklings March to the Pond!

June 4, 2010

As a Realtor I work from home. So I had the good fortune of being able to look out for Molly and keep her somewhat protected from the sun, rain and predators. Also, I was able to keep fresh water and cracked corn right near her nest during the entire nesting time. As a result she didn’t have to leave her nest to search for food each night and this lowered the probability that predators would locate and raid her nest.

A few minutes ago I escorted Molly and all 11 ducklings down to the pond. Every single duckling made the journey safely which is not how it usually works in nature. I’m been studying Mallard’s just because this whole process has been exciting and I wanted to learn everything I could do to help Molly and her babies survive. Part of what I learned is that usually some or all of the eggs will be lost to predators. And then during the journey to water there are new dangers such as hawks, cats, cars and such. I figured I’d pay attention to her, by simply looking out the window every few minutes, and then follow her when she brought her babies to the pond. The plan worked and as you can see they are all swimming in the pond right now.

This picture is the beginning of their march. Their nest was only a few feet to the left under a shrub.

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