Am I a “normal” Realtor?

August 4, 2010

Tampa Bay Florida RealtorThere is an article in the August 2010 edition of Florida Realtor” magazine that caught my eye.

Find out how much you have in common with the typical Realtor in Florida.

You’re a normal Realtor in Florida if you have nine years of experience and a personal website, and you performed eight transactions in 2009. According to the 2010 Florida Realtors Member Profile, here are some other characteristics of Florida members:

  • 81 percent of members specialize in residential brokerage in Florida and have nine years of experience.

Yes, this describes me. I’m a residential Realtor with about 9 years of experience.

  • About two-thirds of all Realtors in Florida reported having a website, one in 10 members reported having a real estate blog and more than half use social media.

I have a real estate blog. You’re actually reading it now. I also have several other real estate sites including a Facebook page and Twitter account.

  • The median gross income of Realtors in 2009 in Florida was $34,000.

My gross income in 2009 was significantly above the median gross income.

  • The typical Realtor is a 54-year-old white female who attended college and owns a home. In fact, 56 percent of Florida members are female.

I’m a 41-year old white male with a BA in Business Administration, emphasis in marketing, from the University of South Florida. Yes, I’m a home owner.

  • The typical Realtor earned 18 percent of his or her business from past customers.

I earn well over 50% of my income from past customers and referrals. And if you’re one of them….thank you!

  • Realtors’ media business expenses fell to $4,960.

I spend more than this per year just advertising on

The complete report is available online at

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