Buying a Home: The Missing Manual

November 4, 2010

Buying a HomeHome ownership is a cornerstone of the American dream, but it’s a complex process that, without the right guidance, can seem like a nightmare. This Missing Manual takes you through the process of buying a home, from start to finish. Along the way, you’ll use the book’s expert advice and fill-in forms to identify the house you want, figure out what kind of neighborhood you want to live in, determine what a target home is really worth, make an offer, and close the deal. Throughout the process, this book helps you:

* Realistically determine how much house you can afford
* Assemble a real estate team that’s looking after your interests and not the seller’s
* Understand the different ways to finance your house, and which is best for you
* Create an attractive offer with the best chance of acceptance
* Learn what lenders look for so you can get your mortgage approved
* Inspect your new home to uncover potential problems
* Prepare all the right paperwork for a smooth closing

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