Got an unwanted call from 858-623-5577?

July 9, 2012

858-623-5577If you’re a Realtor getting phone calls from 858-623-5577 and you’re on the Do Not Call Registry please report “Z57 Real Estate Marketing” and Steve Weber, the Founder and CEO, by clicking on the “File a Complaint” button on the left side of the DNC Registry page.

File a complaint with the DNC registry for 858-623-5577

Don’t bother calling 858-623-5577 to tell them you are on the DNC list because obviously they don’t care about your status. The Do Not Call list is readily available to Steve Weber and Z57 Internet Solutions, but they clearly don’t use it.

Report 858-623-5577!

Z57 Real Estate Marketing is violating the Do Not Call laws and such violations can lead to a $11,000 fine. But most importantly it makes Steve Weber and Z57 look like they have utter disregard for your time, money and desires. They know you are on the DNC list yet they called you!

If you’re not currently on the Do Not Call Registry now would be a great time to add your home and mobile phone numbers. Just fill out the simple form and you’ll soon be added.

Report 858-623-5577!

If you Google 858-623-5577 you’ll see this number belongs to Steve Weber of If enough Realtors complain they will pay the price and discontinue this unprofessional practice of making unsolicited and illegal telemarketing phone calls to Realtors. Please file a complaint. Don’t just hang up in frustration. Be proactive and complain to the Do Not Call Registry that you are listed on their Do Not Call list and are still having your privacy rights violated by Steve Weber and Z57 Internet Solutions.

Or if you’re in the area stop in and talk to Steve Weber at the below address:

Z57 Internet Solutions
10045 Mesa Rim Road
San Diego, CA 92121

Or call Z57 directly at 858-623-5577 or 800-899-8148 if you don’t want to take the time to file a complaint. Interrupt their business day the way they just interrupted your business day. Ask for Steve Weber directly. The guy loves to talk on the telephone and will probably welcome your call. And if you have something to sell give him your best sales pitch. I’m sure he will be receptive and friendly.

Let him know that you would never hire an SEO company that clearly has no respect for the law, common sense and basic business ethics. If Steve Weber and Z57 employed white hat SEO practices  they would probably also avoid breaking the law in their own marketing strategies. Why would you hire a company to market you that breaks the law while marketing themselves? Think about it.

Telemarketing calls from 858-623-5577 are illegal if you are on the Do Not Call list!

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