Real People. Real Lives. Real Estate.

April 12, 2009

There’s a good reason I picked this slogan for my new real estate web site. Not only is it a catchy and memorable combination of letters, words and punctuation marks, but it’s also a clear message to my past, present and future clients about my personal philosophy with regards to real estate and life in general.

People come first. And in my slogan you can see that I’m placing “Real People” right out front where they belong. This is not just a clever marketing ploy. It’s how I live my life. Anyone that knows me on a personal level knows that I practice what I preach. People do indeed come first and I will always treat buyers, sellers, Realtors, and ALL people as if they matter and deserve respect, honesty and professionalism. My philosophy is that if I put people first the paychecks and business success will follow.

“Real Lives” has a special meaning to me. Not only do I put people first but I take into consideration that every person has a story, history, family, fears and dreams. My goal is to get to know a little about the real lives of the real people I assist. Not all buyers and sellers are the same. My mission is to break through the traditional barriers that exist between a client and a salesperson so that I can genuinely understand how I can satisfy their needs.

The first step is to be a good listener. Don’t you find it frustrating to be trying to express yourself to someone and they talk right over you or finish your sentences? Listening is more than an acquired or learned skill. It shows respect for the person doing the talking.

The third part of my slogan is “Real Estate,” and while I love selling real estate, and being a Realtor, it remains in 3rd place for a good reason. I could never and would never stick with this profession if I didn’t place the real lives of the real people I help first. The fact is real estate is an extremely stressful and challenging career. It is a never-ending saga of learning more and more about contracts, laws, economics, market trends and conditions, and so much more. But most importantly being a Realtor is about being a people person. My job is to listen to people and what they express as their wants and needs and then to set a strategy for meeting and exceeding their expectations. And I truly do love it.

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