Why won’t Realtors return my phone call?

August 3, 2011

Realtors don't return phone callsOne of the hardest aspects of being an independent real estate salesperson is deciding how to spend my precious time each day. There are only so many hours in each work day and if I am marketing myself properly (and I am) my cell phone will be ringing from morning till night. On busy days I can take a few dozen incoming calls that can range from a few minutes long to over an hour in length.

On any given day my phone will ring when I am driving my car, eating dinner with my wife, changing my babies diaper, or taking a shower. My phone rings every single day of the year including, amazingly enough, most holidays. People call me at 7:30 in the morning, before I have even had my first cup of coffee, and at 10:00 at night, as if am supposed to get out of bed and go back into real estate mode.

I think most people reading this would be shocked to see my cell phone call record. Few months pass without me using more than 2,500 minutes of air time and all of my calls aren’t even on my cell phone. I use a land line much of the time.

The point is if I took every phone call I would have no life, no relationships, be a horrible husband and father, and generally be a miserable slave to my cell phone. So I’m left to make a judgment call every time my phone rings and every time a message is left. When will I pick up? When will I return a call? I definitely cannot and will not take every call or return every message. So I have to look at everything I know about the call and make a decision.

I almost always will not return calls where the person doesn’t state why they are calling. I’m probably not going to call a person back who leaves a message that says, “This is George Johnson and my number is 555-5555.” Why not? From years of experience this person probably didn’t tell me why they were calling because they know I won’t call them back if I knew why they were calling. So in an effort to save both of us some time I just don’t call back. This might sound like I’m walking away from potential business, and in some cases this is true, but my experience tells me that serious buyers and sellers leave serious messages. It would be fair to say that 90% of calls from people that don’t explain why they are calling are an utter waste of time.

So if you want a Realtor to return your call leave a message with some actual content. Nobody is trying to ignore you or your real estate needs, but as stated above we get more calls than we can handle each day. Make your call stand out. Make your call worth returning.


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