Do InfoTubes do more harm than good?

October 29, 2008

infotubeIt has been my experience that placing an information tube on a real estate sign does more harm than good. Potential buyers grab the flyers and skim them for a few pieces of information, such as price, bedrooms, bathrooms and square feet. If any of these bits of data don’t match their criteria your flyer is crinkled into a ball and thrown into the trash. Had the buyer been forced to call the Realtor to get the information a few things could have happened…

1. The Realtor could have captured their name and phone number – at the very least from Caller ID.
2. The Realtor could have used their sales skills to upsell the strong points of your home and downplay it’s weaknesses.

With a printed flyer buyers are allowed to pre-judge your home even though it could very well be the perfect home for them. You’re losing buyers because you’re making the false assumption that the more information you provide the better your chances of selling. While you do need to provide all relevant information to potential buyers, you don’t have to do it in the first 5 seconds of contact. Ok, so you have only 1 bathroom. Maybe this negative could be overcome by the fact that you have 42″ maple cabinets in your upgraded kitchen with gorgeous Corian counters. That buyer would never even know about the dream kitchen if they discounted your home the moment they saw it only had 1 bathroom.

Skip the InfoTube and allow your Realtor to work for you!

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