August 7, 2008

wtfIt started out as such a pure and innocent idea. OK, not really, but that’s how I was going to present it to those people that figured me out. “I didn’t realize what I was doing,” would be my sly response. This is all probably confusing you, eh? Allow me to explain…

Months ago I needed to come up with a catchy URL for my new real estate web site. Weeks went by as I tossed around idea after idea. Nothing stuck. Nothing seemed short and to the point, yet memorable. That is…until my twisted mind tossed “” in front of me.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. WTF has a well-known meaning on the Internet. But my use of the “WTF” was actually going to mean, “Welcome To Florida,” or more completely, “Welcome To Florida Real Estate!” Yes, I was going to pick this web address for shock value, but after registering this domain and starting to work on creating a quality logo I started to get cold feet.

Granted, it would be pretty funny as a web address to lots of people (my kind of people too), but in the end I decided to skip the humor and go with something a bit more professional. Hence the URL. Nobody can complain about….unless they see the “CallChrist” in there…

But I promise I am not involved in any word games with this one. I’m not trying to get people to call me instead of calling Christ.  Please trust me. I’m a good Realtor, but I know my limitations.  Call me if you need help buying or selling a home. Call Christ for everything else.

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