The little monsters stole our bowl!

November 6, 2008

trick-or-treatCan you believe it? The little monsters ran off with our Trick-or-Treat candy bowl! What is going on with this world? What kid would have the audacity to steal a Halloween candy bowl from in front of someone’s home? When I was a kid I was nervous even looking at an adult wrong. Well, that’s probably an exaggeration, but I was definitely not crazy enough to steal from them or anyone.

I guess it’s our fault. The problem stems from our lack of planning. On Halloween night my wife and I suddenly realized that we didn’t plan ahead and we didn’t buy enough candy for the kids. In a panic my health conscious wife started grabbing bags of pretzels, sunflower seeds, and other crazy stuff no kid wants to see in their candy basket or bag. She piled it all in this big pink plastic bowl with a look of pride on her face, as if she deserved some sort of medal for her ingenuity.

A few kids came by that really had no business Trick-or-Treating (facial hair, garter belts, beer bellies) and soon our big pink bowl was almost empty. Can you believe they got excited about the sunflower seeds? Anyways…we didn’t have any more candy to pass out and I sure didn’t want to stick around and hide behind the couch and ignore the kids knocking. So we left for Carrabas for a late dinner, but only after leaving our big pink bowl on the welcome mat in front of our door for all the lovely and polite children to reach in and take a few pieces each.

When we got home our bowl was nowhere to be found. Someone ripped us off. And we really loved that bowl. You should have seen it. We found it at the dollar store for like…$1 I think. What a deal! Now someone else is enjoying the fruits of our labor. Someone, somewhere in our subdivision is giggling to themselves as they eat popcorn out of our big pink plastic bowl.

I can’t even talk about it anymore or I’ll get all emotional.

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