Have you been to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa?

July 8, 2009

I cannot recommend Big Cat Rescue enough. If you’re an animal lover you’ll thoroughly enjoy a visit to this incredible animal sanctuary.

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Notary ID proposal

July 6, 2009

national-notary-associationNational Notary Now Issue # 124 — June 2009

Because of their position of trust, Notaries are being called upon to handle society’s most sensitive transactions, such as verifying a person’s identity. This level of responsibility has led to a call for issuing Notaries special ID by state governments in order to assure signers the Notary is reputable and commissioned.

“I think it would be a great idea to allow the document signer equal opportunity to check my ID as I scrutinize theirs,” said Harriet C. Parker of Las Vegas, Nevada. Parker, a Notary who works in a medical clinic, says that while she must be sure to comply with medical privacy rules in her work, the document signers she works with have no way currently to know she is who she claims to be when notarizing.

Notary Verne Hubka of La Mesa, California, also supports the idea, saying that states should issue Notaries a wallet-sized ID that includes a color photo. Hubka said this would not only help signers, but increase prestige and respect for the Notary profession.

The public tends to have more confidence if Notaries have a readily available means of identification to prove their authority, said NNA Vice President of Notary Affairs Charles N. Faerber, provided the ID has safeguards to keep it from being easily counterfeited.

Should states issue Notaries special identification cards? Write to us at and tell us what you think.

I’m all for a Notary ID.  As a Notary Public and Mobile Signing Agent I would definitely appreciate being able to present a professional ID card that includes a color photograph proving I have the rights and authorities granted to Notaries Public. Without such an identification system signers are left to assume that the individual that shows up at their home or place of business is indeed legally qualified to notarize documents.

What do you think? Should Notaries be required to possess and present a Notary ID upon request?

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