Allstar Lodging Cabin Rentals

October 8, 2009

Many of us here in Florida grow tired of the hot weather, beaches and muggy air. If you need to get away and see a different area of our amazing country then check out this video. There are cabins that can be rented about 10- 12 hours north of the Tampa Bay area.

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Chris Daughtry, of American Idol, and “It’s Not Over”

October 4, 2009

My favorite Daughtry song.

I was blown away.
What could I say?
It all seemed to make sense.
You’ve taken away everything,
And I can’t deal with that.
I try to see the good in life,
But good things in life are hard to find.
We’ll blow it away, blow it away.
Can we make this something good?
Well, I’ll try to do it right this time around.

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Sarah Brightman – Eden

October 3, 2009

My father and I saw Sarah Brightman in concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall years ago. It was like a religious experience: powerful, moving and emotional. She is one of the best female singers on Earth. This video and song don’t adequately demonstrate the broad spectrum of her voice.

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Time To Say Goodbye Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

October 2, 2009

In my opinion this is the most beautiful song ever written or performed. Turn up your speakers and pay attention because you’re about to experience perfection. Listen to the entire song because it builds and builds. Watch when Andrea joins Sarah Brightman.

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Barbra Streisand – Memory

October 1, 2009

If you can watch and listen to this and NOT get goosebumps I strongly suggest you call 911 pronto. I love all types of music and this video is far from some of the others you may have seen me post on, but there is no denying that Barbra Streisand has one of the very best voices on this planet. Even if the genre of music isn’t your favorite, just turn up your speakers and listen to her mastery of the human voice. It truly gives me chills.

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