Short Sale My Home?: A Homeowners Guide to a Short Sale by Lou Lollio

May 25, 2011

Book Description
A Homeowners guide and help to answer questions about the Short Sale process. Author Lou Lollio and Tim & Julie Harris

About the Lou Lollio
Lou Lollio is a Real Estate Broker who has been selling Foreclosures for over 20 years and Short Sales for over 10 years. His name has been in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times Hot properties section, and featured on the front page of American Lifestyle Magazine. His real life experience has helped him to maneuver through the mine fields of purchasing distressed properties for many Americans and those from abroad. He has trained on how to purchase distressed properties and held continuing workshops to help people buy distressed properties both Foreclosures and Short Sales. He has a SFR Short Sale and Foreclosure Specialist certification and designation from the National Association of REALTORS. Tim and Julie Harris have been leaders since day one of their careers. After selling more than 100 homes in their very first year and every year there after. They gained great acclaim when the National Association or Realtors named them Agents of the Year in 1997. They were consistently rated on the Knars lists of top 500 Agents in the US. The youngest and fastest to achieve the Remax Platinum award.

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The Foreclosure Survival Guide: Keep Your House or Walk Away With Money in Your Pocket

May 16, 2011

Here is a new book coming out in September of 2011 to help homeowners deal with foreclosure..

Facing foreclosure? Know your options!

Foreclosures climbed a record 81% in 2008, with over 860,000 families losing their homes. In 2009, an additional 3 million foreclosures are predicted as temporary postponements end and homeowners are increasingly incapable of paying the mortgage during this brutal recession.

If you’re having trouble making your mortgage payments or are already in jeopardy of foreclosure, The Foreclosure Survival Guide compassionately gives you the practical information you need, step by step.

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Sell Now!: The End of the Housing Bubble

November 30, 2010

Sell Now!Home prices are seriously overvalued in many regions of the United States. The question is no longer if, but rather how far, home prices will fall and over what time frame this bubble will deflate. Home values have been escalating in real terms since 1981, the year nominal interest rates last peaked. And the greatest price increases in percentage terms have been in the wealthiest and most exclusive cities in the world.

Sell Now! analyses the evidence and offers clear explanations of these perplexing issues. Overly aggressive mortgage lenders have fueled this overheated market by extending too much credit to home buyers and by offering ever-more exotic forms of mortgages. Many home buyers have been caught in a never-ending race to achieve status, often overpaying for homes in the “right” neighborhoods. And people’s pursuit of easy profits has pushed prices to unsustainable levels.

Finally, there is a reasoned analysis that not only explains how home prices got this high, but why they are sure to fall and by what amount. Sell Now! debunks many theories that purport to show that home prices are either reasonable or are sustainable at their
current high levels.

How bad can it get? Unlike previous home-price declines, this cycle has the potential to be not only national, but international in scope. The national economy, so dependent on the housing, mortgage, real estate, banking, and construction industries for growth, is at risk and the entire banking system might come under fire.

You owe it to yourself to become better informed about the possible impact on you, your family and your most important asset—your home.

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Sell Your Home Fast in a Buyer’s Market: Secrets from an Expert Green Feng Shui Staging Designer

November 15, 2010

Sell Your Home FastIn 9 easy steps, Sell Your Home Fast in a Buyer’s Market: Secrets from an Expert Green Feng Shui Staging Designer reveals how to create a home that buyers desire and want to buy. The steps include what it takes to make the reader’s home look and feel great–tips that will sell the home. The book also provides information on selling the home for the best price. It is the first in its subject to address the hot new sought-after green home improvements and features to sell the buyer’s home fast.

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Buying a Home: The Missing Manual

November 4, 2010

Buying a HomeHome ownership is a cornerstone of the American dream, but it’s a complex process that, without the right guidance, can seem like a nightmare. This Missing Manual takes you through the process of buying a home, from start to finish. Along the way, you’ll use the book’s expert advice and fill-in forms to identify the house you want, figure out what kind of neighborhood you want to live in, determine what a target home is really worth, make an offer, and close the deal. Throughout the process, this book helps you:

* Realistically determine how much house you can afford
* Assemble a real estate team that’s looking after your interests and not the seller’s
* Understand the different ways to finance your house, and which is best for you
* Create an attractive offer with the best chance of acceptance
* Learn what lenders look for so you can get your mortgage approved
* Inspect your new home to uncover potential problems
* Prepare all the right paperwork for a smooth closing

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The New Masters of Real Estate: Getting Deals Done in the New Economy

October 29, 2010

The New Masters of Real EstateThe New Masters of Real Estate is a collective MasterMind effort of America’s leading real estate experts teaching their best strategies on how to profit from real estate in the new economy. From how to find the right properties and tie them up with no money down, all the way to marketing and selling properties to cash in on current opportunities, this book will teach you the secrets you need to know (including pitfalls to avoid). The book taps the minds of twenty-four leading experts who have figured out how to profit from real estate in the new economy. Your newfound knowledge gained from this book will allow you to intelligently shift your money to your most effective investing options, discard wasted strategies that don’t produce, and show you how to increase your profits on the real estate in which you invest.

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Buy, Close, Move In!: How to Navigate the New World of Real Estate

October 12, 2010

Buy, Close, Move In!The rules have changed, but your dreams haven’t. You can buy the home you want—let award-winning real estate guru Ilyce Glink show you how!

With her books, syndicated newspaper and Internet columns, radio show, blog, Web site, and numerous media appearances, Ilyce Glink has become the go-to expert Americans rely on to help them successfully navigate the tricky world of real estate—a marketplace made even more complex today thanks to the Great Recession. Sure, there’s a maze of new regulations. Sure, it’s harder than ever to find a great deal or get the best loan. But you can do it. All it takes is a little expert advice from Ilyce.

Clear and concise, Buy, Close, Move In! cuts through confusing red tape to provide the essential inside information you need to make the best decisions, and answers commonly asked questions about every step of the process, including:

* Credit—from raising your score to identitifying theft protection
* Real estate investments—trends and opportunities
* Foreclosures, short sales, and auctions
* Appraisals, closing costs, and other fees
* Mortgages—fixed rate versus adjustable rate and other financing options

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Selling Your Home

September 27, 2010

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Selling Your HomeIn today’s uncertain real estate market, sellers are deeply concerned with getting the most value for their home. Now more than ever, readers need books that will help them find the most effective ways to make their homes attractive to buyers, save money, and make the sales process easier. This unique guide will teach readers everything real estate agents and brokers know-and more!

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Home Staging That Works: Sell Your Home in Less Time for More Money

September 13, 2010

Home staging That WorksSelling a home can be an emotion-laden process. Yet as real estate easily languishes for months in this down market, it’s time to readjust that attitude. Philadelphia real estate entrepreneur–designer Osborne solves the issue with a total transformation, or staging, a technique in existence since the 1970s. One warning, though: staging is a lot harder and more time-consuming than it looks. After all, it basically involves removing all traces of personality to transform a house into a visual story that a potential buyer can imagine living in. Her seven steps—target buyers, declutter, use color, create balance, focus, repair, and clean—are well explained and photographically illustrated; befores and afters dramatically depict the difference between a cluttered, unappealing bathroom with chipped tile and chokes galore and a clean-lined pedestal-sink-and-toilet-only room. In every chapter, each step is accompanied by very practical recommendations for the habits and preferences of four different ages of buyers (baby boomers and Generations Jones, Xs, and Ys). Tips include wonder cleaning aids like Goo Gone and magic erasers; fifteen plants for varying sun conditions; right boxes for the right purposes—and materials. Pragmatic advice that any and every home seller needs to memorize and follow.

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Buying a Home

May 8, 2010

Buying a home is the single most important financial move in most people’s lives. It only makes sense to have the most pertinent information available before plunging into this difficult process, especially for first-time buyers. This book covers a variety of buying aspects including inspecting, evaluating, negotiating, financing, contracts, and legal issues. The thorough advice, covering everything from buying houses at auctions to what neighborhood to live in, will provide reassurance for every soon-to-be homeowner.

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