4.3 Million Foreclosure Victims Offered Independent Case Reviews With Focus On Proper Processes

November 10, 2011

While I’m not so sure I agree with the word “victims” in this article title I still think it holds some merit and deserves to be shared. So many people have either already been kicked out of their homes or are in the process of being given the boot. I agree that improper processes need to be identified and addressed.

Here is the article from yesterday’s NotaryBulletin presented by the National Notary Association.

In what is being considered the first meaningful response to the foreclosure crisis, the federal government has ordered 14 mortgage lenders involved in the “robo-signing” scandal to send letters to 4.3 million consumers who may have been victimized by foreclosure errors and misconduct, paving the way for a massive number of individual case reviews and potential compensation.

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Can I notarize documents for the blind?

October 4, 2011

Notarize for the blindOn several occasions I’ve been asked to notarize documents for either blind or visually impaired people. Since a blind person cannot read the document and therefore understand the content of the document it is not legal for a Notary Public to notarize the document unless the Notary Public reads the entire document to the blind person. However, to avoid the unauthorized practice of law, a Notary Public must not attempt to explain the document (FS 117.05[14][a]}.

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Why won’t Realtors return my phone call?

August 3, 2011

Realtors don't return phone callsOne of the hardest aspects of being an independent real estate salesperson is deciding how to spend my precious time each day. There are only so many hours in each work day and if I am marketing myself properly (and I am) my cell phone will be ringing from morning till night. On busy days I can take a few dozen incoming calls that can range from a few minutes long to over an hour in length.

On any given day my phone will ring when I am driving my car, eating dinner with my wife, changing my babies diaper, or taking a shower. My phone rings every single day of the year including, amazingly enough, most holidays. People call me at 7:30 in the morning, before I have even had my first cup of coffee, and at 10:00 at night, as if am supposed to get out of bed and go back into real estate mode.

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Florida Notary Public Maximum Fees

September 8, 2010

Florida Notary Public - FlagToday I was discussing Notary Public fees with a new Florida Notary Public and she was asking me about what she is legally allowed to charge for her notarial services. So I thought I’d make a post here in case other Florida Notaries have the same question. The state of Florida has set a legal maximum fee that a Notary Public can charge per notarial act.

Florida Notary Public Maximum Fee Schedule

  • Acknowledgments – $10
  • Certified Copy – $10
  • Taking Inventory of a Safe-Deposit Box – $10
  • Jurats – $10
  • Marriages – $30
  • Oaths and Affirmations – $10
  • Verifying a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – $20

Florida Notaries always have the option to charge any amount less than the legal limit which includes the right to charge no fee at all.

Travel Fees

Florida Notaries are permitted to charge a travel fee and this amount is not specified by law. Such fees are to be discussed beforehand and the amount agreed upon by both parties. The signer should understand that the travel fee is not stipulated by law and is a private arrangement completely separate from the authorized notarial fees described above.

I personally charge anywhere from $20 to $45 for a travel fee. I hope this information helps other Florida Notaries.

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