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“We listed a short sale property with a $20k incentive from Chase. The house sold for $28k, during a bankruptcy, AND we got the $20k. All within 60 days!!!! Not only is Chris knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with but he worked with the court system and Chase at getting this closed. He was assertive when needed yet very patient at the same time. We highly recommend Chris and will certainly recommend him to family and friends in the future! “
— K & D Dreckmann


“We just wanted to express our deep thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work and fearless, positive leadership! It has truly been a pleasure and wonderful experience working with such a pro. A dream real estate experience – we have and will continue to send you referrals.”
— Al & Erinne

“Normally I don’t do surveys, but in this case I’ll make an exception. Chris, you did a fine job and my husband and I cannot thank you enough. I hope this endorsement helps you as much as you helped us. Please keep in touch! We’re starting to love Florida believe it or not!”
— J. J.

“Quality service, professional demeanor and great jokes. Thanks for making our move less painful than it could have been.”
— Anonymous (Tampa)

“Just the fact that you sent us this survey shows you truly do care about providing professional service to your real estate clients. And we appreciate it. Thank you so much for everything, Chris. We will use you again for our next investment property.”
— Lori P.

“You’re very trustworthy and this seems rare in the world of sales. From one salesperson to another I want you to know I appreciate what you did for me. Don’t ever change.”
— Anonymous in Largo, FL

“Thanks for letting us know about short sales. As you know we wasted over a year on two short sales prior to meeting you. If all salespeople were as honest as you…”
— Wagner’s

“My wife and I appreciate your help with our loan modification agreement. We’ll be sure to keep in touch and consider you when it comes time to sell this place. Thanks for making the process of getting our interest rate lowered so simple and efficient. “
— Corby W.

“Chris treated us like family. We’ll be forever grateful.”
— D. Meyers

“Chris is extremely honest and ethical and I will never use another real estate person in Florida.”

— W. J.

“In my absence Chris and my daughter were able to find the perfect house for me.”
— J. C.

“You are pleasant and cheerful to work with. You have proper knowledge for your trade.”
— Linda & Ming Wu

“Chris is the best Realtor I ever had. He is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. He sincerely cares about helping his clients.”
— Jane & Charles Larson

“Thanks for helping me buy my house in Palm Harbor. You listened to everything I wanted in a home and were patient with me while we searched for my first home. Your knowledge of real estate made me so comfortable that I will recommend you to my family and friends. Again, thank you and keep in touch. It really was a pleasure.
— J. Keller

“Thank you so much Chris for helping me and my daughter sell our condo at a time when nothing seems to be selling. Your honesty was refreshing and your guidance was wonderful. I wouldn’t have known that many buyers don’t like wallpaper. But we trusted you and it paid off and now we’re happy to write you this testimonial.”
— F. Wallace

“Where do I start? You were like an angel to my family and I don’t know how to thank you enough. The last house we bought through a Realtor ended up to be a complete nightmare. From start to finish you were there for us and answered our hundreds of questions. (I know we were nervous and called you all the time!) This move was a big deal to me and my family and you clearly understood our concerns and needs. And this seems rare in sales people. You never once pushed us and let us move ahead slowly at our own pace. Thank you and please keep in touch with us.”
— C. Kaldwell

“Thanks for all your help, Chris. We love our new house and neighborhood and are just getting settled in. You did us right! Now what can you do about the traffic on East Lake road at rush hour? Wow, I thought NY Was bad.”
— Aaron G.

“I never thought we’d close on our house. Things sure have changed since we bought the last house 4 years ago. There is apparently nothing short about a “short sale” so thanks for being patient with us and the process. We’re loving Florida and our new home. You’re a good Realtor and we are lucky we ran into you. Thanks for your help and we’ll send some business your way soon.
— Shannon & Charles W.

“Selling my house was one of the hardest things I had to do after my divorce. You were empathetic and made me feel as comfortable as possible in a bad situation. My sister will be moving down in the summer and you’ll hear from her for sure. Thanks!
— P. Schmidt

“Never again. That’s all I can say. Never again will I consider calling another real estate person when I plan to buy in the Tampa Bay area. Thank you so much.
— Brad H. K.

“Well Chris we’ve known you for so long now we consider you part of the family. You’ve helped us with selling off three investment properties and our own home in Tarpon Springs. We’ll miss Florida and we’ll miss you and your sense of humor. Don’t ever change.
— Anonymous

“Your personal and professional ethics were above and beyond what we expected. Thanks for helping us deal with the roof leak and mold issue. Quite frankly I didn’t expect this sale to happen for obvious reasons, but due to your perseverance and sticktoitiveness (is that a word?) we’re now on to our next big adventure in life. Phheww! We owe you and hope you realize how much we appreciate you not giving up on us.
— Jay E.

“Who would have thought that buying a condominium would be so much fun? You’ve been a pleasure throughout this experience and I now consider you more than just my Realtor. You’re a friend. Don’t ever change, Chris. Thanks!
— Darla S.

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